12 Secret Tips Professionals Writers Use That You Need to Know

Content is king in the online universe

Learn the 12 secret tips professionals writers use to Achieve Great Content. I have researched to save you time. Below I have listed and explained the 12 secrets that great writers use.

I have been fortunate to learn what writers do every day, how they find material to write about—all the tricks and secrets. Now you are the fortunate one. I am sharing the unknown with you here today.

When writing articles, blog posts, or even novels, these are 12 secrets of achieving great content. Are you ready for this?

One thing before we get started. When done reading this page, I would love to hear from you in the comment area below. Just take a minute to tell me what secret or secrets your already do when writing. I would love to know, thanks.

12 secret tips Professionals Writers Use

#1 Secret Tip Professionals Writers Use

 Always be in research mode

It is important to be on the lookout for content ideas and to make notes of ideas as they come to you.

Research shouldn’t be only when you are preparing to write. You can gain a lot of momentum by being in research mode all the time, as you will capture more great ideas to write about.

For example:

  • Keeping a notepad with you to jot down the ideas as they come to you. Make sure to write down everything that comes to mind providing more information when you sit down to begin writing the content. The more you jot down, the better prepared you will be.
  • When browsing the web, be on the lookout for ideas, whether on social media sites or searching for other information. As you see good ideas, save them to bookmarks or jot down the URL to look up when you have time.

#2 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Writing in your own voice, be unique

Your content should reflect who you are, your personality, and your brand. You’re writing style is your most prized possession. Be original, always working and improving your style and writing skills. Professional writers are continually improving upon their talent.

Important Note:

Never copy anyone else’s work, ever. You can research and get ideas from other websites and content, but it is crucial never to duplicate. Because when copy works from others, the search engines could remove your website, and it isn’t easy to recover from this.

So please, for your own sake and your business sake, Be Original, write your content. Taking the time to be original will show in your work and pay off big down the road.

#3 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Write with a focus on one topic within each article.

Before you start writing, the first thing you should do is to figure out the point you want to get across to your readers. After registering, you will want to edit your writing on the topic. Suppose there is any unrelated content, edit to make it relevant to the topic. Keep your content focus on one topic.

#4 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Two things that make writing difficult to read.

Matching depth to length of your work. Not giving enough detailed information, not a consistent flow of facts and information. Giving too much information.

So, in other words, you want to maintain equal depth to length when writing.

  • Shorter articles should have in-depth, high-quality content for the topic or a segment of your written case. When I mention shorter, I am referring to articles with word counts between 800 – 1200 words.
  • Longer articles – you can give much more detail-oriented content, explain specific facts, be more thorough. With the longer piece, I write above 1,200 words closer to 2,000, sometimes longer, but I will try not to have content much more than 2,000 words for the general rule.

The more you write you will get a feeling for it. Writing is easy when you love your topic.

#5 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Your angle should be unique

Find your own unique perspective on the topic you write your content on using these three content tips.

Topic – the focus of the content you will write.

Point – the main idea of the content written.

Slant – the specific viewpoint of the idea.

More than likely, you will be writing about the same topic as many other writers, so this is why it is essential not to repeat it. Adding your expertise and unique points of view will help you add more to the topic than other writers. It helps to think a little outside the box to come up with a different angle on any topic.

#6 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Spend an equal amount of time on your title as you do your content.

You can write the world’s most sought-after secret on your page, and if the title does not catch the reader’s eye and interest, you will be dead in the water. No one wants to waste their time on something that does pique their interest.

Here are a few different titles of options that seem to work. The next time you search online, look at how the first page results in the word their titles. You can learn a lot from the first-page result in the search engines. They are there for a reason. OK, here are those ideas for titles.

  • For example, they were using a # in the title (15 Tips For Writing Great Content). That is eye-catching, and people will want to learn what those 15 tips are.
  • The How To’s (How To Write Great Content)
  • The Best (The Best Content Writing Practices)
  • Why ( Why is there content better than mine)
  • Interview (Interview with Stephen King) interviewing well know people within a particular niche or industry can be rewarding.
  • Breaking News (Breaking News About Writing Online)
  • Secrets of (Secrets Of Writing Great Content)

Those are a few ideas for titles that seem to work well. As you do searches online, keep your eyes out for eye-catching titles like I just mentioned. Learn from them.

#7 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Your best sentence should be the first.

Like your title, you will want your first sentence to be perfect. It should be the best sentence on the entire page, as it will draw your readers in or push them away. I am sure you want them all to stay and read your site.

When you look at a website, how long does it take to decide if you want to keep reading past the title and first sentence? You want to captivate your reader’s within the first few seconds they are on your site; otherwise, they will move on.

Let your readers know what you will be giving them when they continue reading, but do not give them too much information. Here is another example – I am going to reveal the Top 12 Secrets that professional writers use. Do you want to write like a professional? It is simple and doesn’t give too much info, just enough to make them want to read more.

#8 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Creating a great lead to your content.

Like your lead sentence to draw in your readers, you want to give a little more information, ” The Tease,” if you will, to get your reader’s a bit more interested in what you are about to share with them.

  • I promise this is information you will only find here.
  • This little-known fact I am about to share with you will improve your writing skills tenfold.
  • It’s a fascinating story of how I learn to be a better writer.
  • A viewpoint on writing that will help you increase your content quality.

Those are a few ways to extend the reader’s interest from the title to the first sentence to the first 100 – 250 words of the lead paragraph.

#9 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Keep your content real and factual lose the Hype.

I am not sure what you think, but when I am searching for information to write about, I avoid any hype and unbelievable content.

You want to provide the most accurate and trustworthy information to your reader. They don’t want their time wasted with a bunch of nonsense. Write your content with your reader’s comfort in mind. Writing much hype and stretching the truth makes your readers feel manipulated and do not like that.

Write content to help people find answers and to entertain them.

If you use a quote from someone or information from another website on your site, give thanks to them and have a link to the source where you found the information.

We are in the business of writing. Suppose we do not have people to read our material. In that case, we may as well be doing something else—the importance of researching your topic to provide the best available information to your readers.

They will see you as a helpful resource if they trust yours. You may not think of this; if your readers trust you, they will likely share your content with people they know. That can be very good for your business as a writer.

#10 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

The Closing of your content is just as important as the beginning.

Good writing skills are important; knowing the 5 W’s can help you out tremendously. Who, Where, When, What, and Why and Great writing include the “So What.”

When coming to the end of your article, you are probably running out of things to write about, so it is essential to recap. Go over the article’s main point and let the people reading have a summary of the content. Explain the benefits of using the information you provide.

Tying it back to the beginning of the article will fully understand and show you like a good researcher and writer. That is what you want, and you want your readers to walk away feeling they have just learned something great that can help them improve their lives. That, in turn, will lead to them telling others.

#11 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Simple writing is best

Keeping it simple allows your content to be easier to read and follow. I would suggest doing these three practices when writing your content.

  • Paragraph no more than 7 sentences.
  • Sentences no more than 25 words; keep it less if you can.
  • Try to use 1 – 2 syllable words.

Following that three-step can really help the readability of your site. After all, you weren’t taught to write digital content in English class.

So remember to keep your paragraphs and sentences short and sweet and use simple words

#12 Secret Tip Professional Writers Use

Edit your page, Then Edit your page, then of course Edit it again.

As a writer, it is essential to put your ideas to paper or text on your digital form as soon as you can “the first draft.” The first time you write any draft is to get it on the page, and it is usually not written very well. All the fundamental skills come in the editing. That is true for all writers.

The real good stuff comes in the editing, so follow these steps when you write.

  • When the idea comes to you, write it down.
  • Write fast so you can get all the ideas written down.
  • Then to the best of your abilities, add the magic when your edit.

Editing is an ongoing process; you will want to keep editing as new ideas come to yours for great content. I have a couple of articles I have gone back and edited a few times. It is something that a great writer does. Continuously improve your content.

Conclusion to 12 secret Tips Professional Writers Use

This concludes 12 secret Tips Professional Writers Use, I hope you learned something useful today from reading the 12 tips above.

Learning how to write like a seasoned professional isn’t all that difficult—learning to do quality research to provide the best helpful information for your readers.

Focusing on the one topic, you are writing about, balancing your information with the length of your article to ensure your readers get enough valuable facts.

You are learning to register with your perspective on your branding. Be Always looking for new ideas to write about and jot them down for later. Keep your content simple and easy to read, using engaging, attention-grabbing titles and sentences to keep your readers involved.

I would love to know what you think 12 Secret Tips Professionals Writers Use and if you thought this has been helpful for you.

If at any time you have questions or concerns on writing content, feel free to let me know in the comment area below, and I will get back to you within a couple of hours.

If you would like more tips on being more productive working online, check out this post here.

Keep your content simple, sweet and full of useful facts.

Talk to you soon, your friend.


A favorite quote:

If you change nothing in your life, Nothing will ever change. Everything will remain the same.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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  1. Having a target of 800+ words is always my goal; however, sometimes I feel I have a solid post at 500 or 600. When do you think an article is over done? Can less be more sometimes?

    • Hey, Alicia,
      When writing, it is a good habit to not allow yourself to write less than 1,500 words per article. Although in some cases you will find that 500 – 600 is plenty to get your point across to your readers. In general Google and other search engine prefer to see longer article giving much more in-depth information. The more you are able to help your readers the more search engine will reward you for your efforts.

      To answer your question if Less can be more? It can be, case by case scenario.

      Alicia, thank you for taking the time to ask a great question. I hope I was able to shed some insight and help out.

      Have a great day,


  2. Hi Thomas ,

    Thank you for this very informative read of 12 secrets to keep fresh in mind when writing, I’m glad I bumped into your website because this will be very helpful for me ! .

    I’m not a writer yet but a very good reader which has inspired me to want start writing books.

    Problem is I wouldn’t know how to start,like I have to first learn how to write like a pro, before i can even think about that who knows one day I might write my bio !

    Thankfully you have detailed the tips I can follow to achieve just that, I’m very appreciative of you for sharing your tips.

    I have a question for you though Thomas how long does it take you to write lets say a blog of 3000 words ?

    I enjoyed the read and I have indeed picked some tips to implement in my own writing whenever I’m ready to embark on that journey .


    • Hello, Barbara,

      Happy to hear you like my post, thank you for the comment sharing your interest.

      To answer your question on how long it takes to write a 3,000-word blog post, I guess it depends on the topic and how much knowledge I have before I start to write. Often times it will take some time to research and get facts together, then to prioritize the beginning, mid and end. The whole process flows much smoother if you have prioritized a plan before striking the keyboard.

      For myself, It can take me as long as a day or two to write a post of that length, including research time. Research is often my favorite part of writing.

      One other thing Barbara, I would like to mention that you become a good or excellent writer by writing. Over time your writing skills improve and before long you will be giving advice to people just starting out like you are now.

      I hope you found this helpful, have fun writing and you will be great.


  3. Thanks for the tips I believe that will help me a lot especially since I am a beginner and this is all new to me I am so glad I found your article. I am looking forward to see what else you post with little tid bits of gold in them thanks again

    • Hey, Emmitt,
      I am happy you have found tidbits of useful information in my article here. I will be adding much more over the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

      I enjoy sharing helpful tips as with this article here achieving great content writing skills learning how to write using skills that the pros use is going to help advance your writing skills to the next level.

      Emmitt, thank you for commenting today.
      Have a great day,


  4. Hi, thanks for the 12 secrets of writing like a pro. I myself sometimes spend too much time reading and researching for facts and end up only complete one article a week. I think the most difficult and time consuming part for me is research.  Do you use any free tools to help you with writing? Mind share with me?

    • Hi, Jessie.

      Researching does take a lot of time, although the more you research, the easier it gets. I am constantly researching, and I use many different resources to get different results about the same topic. Resouces I use regularly are Google, Youtube, Bing, and Pinterest. 

      I will get other ideas from each source. Google and Bing will let me see how certain listings appear within the search result. YouTube videos will give a different perspective in video format, and Pinterest allows me to see how people use images for creative promotion.

      Eventually, your research will become second nature and take less time.

      Jessie, thank you for taking the time to comment. I hope my response was helpful to you.


  5. Wow. I like love your list. I have to be honest here I am not doing all of the things you have mentioned, but some are in my bucket list.

    When I started with my website, I wasn’t that experience so usually copied other people’s style of work, but now I  know better. I write in my own way and always try to provide better content.

    I bookmarked your page to use it later on. I need to tick of your list. Hopefully afterwards I will become a “pro”. Thanks for the tips and advice. 

    If you have more things to share regarding writing I will love to learn. I need improvement. 

    • Hey, Fatoumata, Give it time, and you will become a pro. It takes time. I am happy that you found these writing tips helpful, and you bookmarked them. That makes me happy that I have helped you. 

      The most important thing I do when writing is trying to write in a conversation like I was talking to a friend about the topic. I will be pretty honest with you. I learn a lot from Grammarly. 

      Not to mention WA Content Platform is an excellent tool for structuring your writing as well. I have written a short post on that, which may help you. If you have further questions, please ask I am always happy to help.

      Thank you for commenting. I hope you revisit soon.


  6. My first impression to get from your secret tips was tools for professional writers. I was wrong!

    Your article is sensible yet straightforward enough to bring out the real writer with his best content. 

    I used to write from my heart and putting on top of my values, which will benefit others. Although I see myself still relatively slow and almost enticed with the tools, others use them to speed up writing content. 

    But your advice is an eye-opener. I need to practice more taking note of the 12 secrets used by professional writers ( I bookmarked it, by the way).

    Later, I am expecting myself to be in authority of my style. Thank you for sharing your post.

    • Hi Rose, it will take time to become a great writer. You will improve with each piece that you write. The 12 secret tips I shared in this post have helped me become a much better writer than I used to be.

      Thank you for commenting, and I hope you will revisit soon.


  7. These are excellent writing tips. The title is so important, but sometimes I struggle to find an outstanding, catchy title. Editing is also a significant part of writing, and it sometimes is time-consuming. I sometimes leave an article (or a story) for a while, and then I reread it with a fresh perspective, which makes editing a little easier and more objective. 

  8. All these tips are very helpful. For me, I like to focus on the main item I am writing about and like to illustrate images or even videos what I am trying to showcase to my users. I also have the habit to edit my current or previous posts to make it look better or new information has been discovered. Thank you for all these 12 steps as they are relevant and will implement in my writing.

    • Hi, Bernard, 

      I am happy that the 12 tips the pros use for writing content were helpful for you. I often revisit this post as a reminder of the steps to follow in my writing.

      I hope you will revisit soon. If you are interested, here is another post with helpful tips


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