9 tips – How to start with an online business

Get started with these 9 tips you can’t fail

9 tips - How to start with an online businessAre you interested in learning how to start with an online business, you are in the right place at the right time. Continue reading as I will be revealing information you will not want to miss.
As mobile users are online more now than ever with their cell phone and other devices this technology is dominating the internet shopping, a new report by Emarketer is estimating huge growth in the next few years. E-commerce sales have risen on average 10% a year,  and estimated in 2019 in the U.S. alone online shoppers are going to exceed $580 billion in online purchases.
This shows great promise for those who are wanting to get started in an online business, there is more than enough to go around. It may be rough starting out until you gain some popularity within your business niche. But never the less it is well worth the effort. As I have told you, you are in the right place right here right now.
Here are 9 ways to help you move forward with your online business and to help you stay current with the changes that seem to be unpredictable with the online business environment.
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1. Stay up to date within your niche

Information is so readily available online today that interests, demand, and consumer preference can change overnight. What is a hot seller today may be of no interest tomorrow? Same goes for technology, that is why they are coming out with new computers, cell phones, and many other tech-based products. Just as you get used to something the technology is obsolete, thus is why we need to keep up with the times and know our product market.
It is very important to always research your specific product-market for any changes and updates. The more you know and the quicker you can make changes to evolve with your niche, the more success you will have a result not to mention you will appear to be an authority to your follower by keeping up.

2. Creating quality content with relevance

How to start with an online business - Quality contentOnce you have done your research and feel confident, now you want to start using your research to build out quality content. You want to write for the visitors to your business and you want to be informative telling them all the details to why they should follow you and do business with you and not some other business.
What do you offer that others do not? Be entertaining, fun, and engaging, if you can do this and provide answers to what they are looking for chances are pretty likely that will gain influence within your niche community.
You want to provide your visitors with answers and the “Why” they should come to you for answers. There are different ways to engage with your visitors, using Videos is a very good way to provide information, a site like Youtube have billions of views every week if you like this idea you may want to set up video profile to share your information that way with a link to your business website. Podcast has been popular for marketing it allows people the option to listen while doing other activities like drive, set a subscription for them to signup to.

3. Setting realistic goals

When you start your business you want to set goals for what you want to accomplish. Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals will help you stay focused and work through them a little at a time. Be realistic, set realistic goals for how much traffic you want to get by the end of the first month. How much content you want to have on your website. Setting a goal for monetizing your site, this is the reason why we all start online businesses, right?
When you set a financial goal, set small goals for the next few months, then you should set a goal that you want to reach before the end of the year. Ask yourself, Do I want to earn an extra $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more a month? Whatever your goal is to achieve set it and work for it. The result may shock you.

4. Provide customer service

How to start with an online business - customer serviceI want you to think about this for a minute…
When you shop online or at a local store down the street, do you expect to find what you are looking for and receive help if you need it? I am guessing you said yes, so do you think your online business should be any different for your visitors, a future customer?
You want to make sure you provide your web business like it really is, your bread and butter. Because without your customer support, you will not have a business to run. I want to stress this because you can have the best website online but if you can not be personable with your visitors they will go elsewhere to find what they are looking for. The competition is greater than ever and-and you want to set yourself up for success. By getting setup the right way you will be very successful. The key to this is providing ways for your followers to reach you if they have any questions or issue with the product or service you have sold them.

  • Setup email service for your customers to reach you
  • Setup socials profile for them to follow and contact you there, they may even leave feedback to better support your business and drive more customers to your business.
  • This is very important, respond as quickly as you can to any inquiries, usually within 24 hours is best. If you keep them waiting too long for you to respond you may lose a valuable customer. You don’t want that to happen.

5. Get social with your business

Using social networks to share and promote your online business is huge today because your business is web-based you will want to take full advantage of this traffic generating goliath. I would recommend setting up profiles on all the social network, as you complete content on your site you can easily share it. Facebook over 1.55 billion users monthly worldwide.
How to start with an online business - Social mediaAs you can see from the graph Facebook is dominating the social realm. You can click on the graph to see the entire list, as I have only shown the more popular social site in the United States. Depending on where you are in the world there may be other social networks in your region that will be of a much better use for your share content.
As you set up a social profile for your business you will want to check to see if they have automated posting, this will save you a bit of work as you create more content on your site. You can keep your content fresh by setting times and frequencies to share it automatically.
Now you are set up socially you want to communicate with and build a social following and when your followers leave comments or feedback whether it be negative or positive you will want to respond and be kind and caring to their needs. This will build a strong name for yourself and lead to your success.

6. Maintain Value

A year from now when you are making great money and created a large following of valued customers, don’t get lazy. You want to always keep up the value of your business and now you are making really good money give some back. When I say give some back, give more value, create something to show you still care and appreciate your valued customers and show new customers that you really do care by giving great value service and products. Always be thinking of ways to rejuvenate and be original.
Whatever you do, as long as you want to operate an online business you always have to remember if you get lazy and stop caring about your customers it will show and they will go someplace else.

7. Being resourceful and evolving

How to start with an online business - Be creative and evolveI am not sure what type of product or service you will promote and sell, but whatever it may be you will always want to be evolving with the markets and finding new vendors that are selling newer more innovative products. Finding good quality product vendors can keep you operating at the top of your game for many years to come. It is important to always have your feelers out for new and up and coming products.
Be an innovator of your niche, you want to be the guy or girl that is always thinking ahead of all your competition.

8. Get connected to Mobile Devices

As I had mentioned at the beginning of this article, mobile activity is increasing at an astounding rate. Most websites are mobile-friendly today because if they weren’t they would be losing out on so much. Whatever website platform you go with make sure it is mobile friendly and it has a fast server, you do not want to have a slow website nor one that is not mobile-friendly.
Just as a reminder to how much traffic is using mobile devices like iPhone, smartphone androids and tablets take a look at the beginning paragraph of this page.
You do not want to miss out on all the possibilities.

9. SEO is your very good friend

So many people worry way too much about SEO (search engine optimizing) if you enjoy writing and building your site talking about all the things you enjoy, helping others find answers to problems. You will not have any troubles with SEO. You see the biggest thing with Search engines optimizing is not worrying about having your keyword in every paragraph of your article.
If you do your keyword research correctly you will write perfectly every time, have the keywords, in the beginning, paragraph and write to your readers, not the search engines. Read my other articles on SEO and keyword research.

10. Special Offer

Starting your own business is a very exciting venture to pursue, I would like to present an offer for you. This opportunity will benefit anyone who does or doesn’t have a business already. The opportunity of running a successful business is not going away anytime soon the internet just keeps expanding and as long as that happens you will always have the opportunity to earn what you desire.
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