Affilorama Review and Platform Overview

Affilorama affiliate marketing training platform

Affilorama review and platform overviewWhen looking for a resource platform to learn about affiliate marketing there are slim pickings. There are a lot of things to factor into the right platform as to what they offer for training and most important How Much It Cost. I have researched a pretty well-known affiliate marketing platform that offers free training, blog article, ebooks, and a lot of up-sells to gain more knowledge.

This is my Affilorama review and platform overview there is a lot to uncover here as it is like I said a well-known training platform. So if you are ready I will jump right in a start dissecting this training platform join me as we find out if Affilorama is worth the high price thousands are paying. I will show a comparison at the end of my #1 affiliate marketing training platform. This is my own opinion I will let you judge for yourself. Are you Ready?

Affilorama Review and Platform Overview

Affilorama was founded by Mark Ling back in 2006. Mark had 8 years experience in affiliate marketing under his belt at this time and want to develop a training platform for up and coming marketers use to avoid hurdles and to show them an easier way of making money quicker by utilizing his training tutorials, videos, and blog articles.

Upon going to Affiloramas website it is well put together and organized for easy navigation.  In the upper menu, you will see tabs for training, products, blog, and forum. as shown below

affilorama main menu image

Who can benefit from the training at Affilorama?

Affilorama offers quite a lot of free training ranging from how to build a website, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, market research, PPC (pay per click) and affiliate outsourcing. You will have free unlimited access to over 100 video, tutorials, and pdf training covering all of the topics mentioned. That is pretty good in fact it is more than I expected.

Do you have any experience with affiliate marketing yet? I would love if you would share below in the comments as I would really like to know how many readers have any experience and those of you that do maybe you could share some of your experiences as well in the comments area to help those with less experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

For those with experience in affiliate marketing looking to find a new angle of approach on your campaigns, I feel this may be suited more for the beginners just starting out but Affilorama does provide a little bit of information for more advanced marketers.

For those of you just starting out, This is a good resource for getting your feet wet as there is a good amount of quality training within Affiloramas training platform. There are just a few recommendations they make that you should really avoid at all cost. I will go over them now.

Things not to do as an Affiliate marketer No-Matter What!!

There are certain things that you really should never do as an affiliate marketer and I was quite surprised to see it mentioned within Affiloramas training. I watched Marks introduction pre-recorded webinar and he mentions you can accomplish your dreams and goals of making money online using his training if you can listen and follow directions and if you Can Copy and Paste.

Following directions is a must when learning something new but you never ever want to copy and paste any material to use as your own. It may be fine for sending emails but I always make it a habit to do all my own writing that way I give the search engines no reason to shut me down. You will want to make a habit of doing your own writing also. Don’t take the chance of having Google shut you down for using someone else’s material.

You want to use your better judgment and if you are not sure about something research it yourself and find the answers. To make it easier for you here is a link to Google where you can find answers regarding a friendly website for readers and search engines. I am here to help you as you will see if you have looked at other posts on this site I mention for you to utilize the comments are with questions and I will always get back to you and help in any way I can.

What are the Pros and Con’s of using Affilorama?

Pros –

  • access to one of the largest affiliate training community
  • group forum for asking questions
  • access to more than 100 training modules (great if just starting)
  • no upfront investment to learn the basics
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee on premium membership
  • owner Mark Ling is well respected within the online marketing world

Con’s – 

  • Only have access to the community in the chat forum
  • the help center is through email or phone after you submit for help and it can take a long time
  • it can take a couple of hours to get answers within the group forum
  • premium membership can cost upwards of $1,000 or more with upsells
  • Mark Ling is not available for interacting with his community

As you can see there are a few more pros to the con’s but it is expensive and If I spend that kind of money I would want a lot more included as there should be for the price.

Do you want to be apart of a Super Affiliate Community offering ton’s more training and everything you need to really get started?

What kind of support is available at Affilorama?

The support system within Affilorama for the size of the community is rather shabby. Mark Ling the founder is never on to help so you can not have access to the person who developed the website to help affiliate marketers. Makes you wonder if he really cares if those who pay for his training are really succeeding or not.

There is the group forum for asking questions on a wide range of issues. It seems to work if you are a patient person (wait time – 30 min. up to 4 hrs or longer). They do have a live chat option that isn’t really live because it asks for your email and phone # so they can contact you when they get around to it.

I really think membership support is crucial and can affect the overall experience.

What does it cost for membership with Affilorama?

As mentioned above you don’t have to pay for all the free training but once you are done with that the cost starts relatively low and go up from there.

Affilo-Tools – Price $0.00

Affiloramas premium data tracking platform in the beta stages now, currently free. Once all the bugs are worked out it will have a monthly fee. It basically does all the same that Google Analytics does for free. If interested in trying it take advantage while it is a free option for all members of Affilorama.

The full “Pathway to Passive” guide – Price $37 plus 60-day moneyback guarantee

is a guide book written to help you avoid failure and overcome any obstacles and to achieve success as an affiliate marketer for both beginners and experienced marketers.

Price $37 with 60-day moneyback guarantee

Affilo-JetPack – Price $997 plus 60-day moneyback guarantee

The Super Money Making Machine! A serious short cut to the big time as Affilorama says, it includes

  • Premium training modules
  • 90 expertly written emails proven to gain trust and get sales
  • 3 perfectly written reports to entice your readers to subscribe to your newsletter
  • 5 pre-made website all set up using Affilotheme for your affiliate business you just make adjustments to how you want it
  • 20 cheat sheet for writing the perfect articles to get the most viewers and money (save time and money)
  • choose from a list 18 different proven money-making Niches for your website no need to worry about what niche to do. Just pick one from the list.
  • 12 months of web hosting

My final Affilorama overview results

I really can’t find any real issues with Affilorama other than the support wait times and the price of $997. I think the support I could live with waiting for a response (find the answers myself) But the price is too much for me and not enough really offered for the high price.

I have put together a comparison chart of Affilorama and the community that I am involved with for the past 9 years. Will you take a look at it below and let me know what you think in the comments below. I would really like to know what you think.


That is the comparison chart as mentioned. Let me know what you think, take some time and check out both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate and use your better judgment to which is best for you. Either way, you will have plenty of training to get you well on your way. I wanted to give you another option that could possibly save you $600 or more on membership cost.

Make me a promise, check out both websites then come back and share your opinion with me in the comments below, I really care what you think, I will look for your opinion soon.


Thank you for visiting

4 Comments on “Affilorama Review and Platform Overview”

  1. I have heard of this program many times before and they seem to be talked about a lot the price tag is so pricy that they make it impossible for so many people who would like to try their product. I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice especially when you don’t have to come up with any money to get your feet wet and see if this is what you really want.

    1. Norman,
      that is true, Wealthy Affiliate offers quite a lot more for a much lower price. Affiloramas free training is still a pretty good way to get your feet wet with over 100 training modules but their premium is over $600 more than Wealth Affiliate.
      Thank you for checking them out and returning back to share your thoughts on the two.


    1. Hi, Joseph,

      I am happy that I was able to give some insights with this review. I think if Affilorama had lower premium fees they would be a very good affordable platform to utilize for training purposes.

      Thank you for your comment, have a wonderful day.


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