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Building A Website Is Free Learn How

Learn how to build a free website todayLearn how to build a free website, it is not as hard as you may think. Trust me if I can do it, you can do it.

I can assure you that within a few days you will have your first website up and running similar to this one.

You will find all the tools and the resources with step by step instructions to build your very own website for Free.

I will guide you in the right direction to start building a new future for yourself.

Keep reading to find out how to not only build a website for free but how to set it up for success.

Sounds pretty amazing right?

When I first started to learn how to build my own website back in the spring of 2011, I didn’t think I could do it myself, without knowing the first thing about it. But with the help of this Website Building Tool “SiteRubix” that leverages the WordPress interface, it made it so easy for me.

SiteRubix is a simple to use website building platform exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate University. I say it is easy because it really is. It is basically a platform designed for beginners who are just starting out learning how to build a website from scratch. Without it, you would not be reading this right now. I am living proof that building a website can be done, not having any formal training, not going to school for web design. Site Rubix makes it all possible, a real game-changer so to speak.

Now because SiteRubix is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate University, in order to use it you need to sign up for their free membership. Now, Now, before you go and say it was too good to be true to be able to find a place where you can build a free website. Hold On, let me explain to you, the one and only catch to using SiteRubix is to sign up for an Absolutely Free Membership ( No Credit Card Required ). The only thing you do is sign up with your email and come up with a username, that is it. That will open the door to Ten Free Lessons to get you building your website and online business.


I will explain the process I took to where I am today.  You are reading the results of my labors now. As I had mentioned already, I learned how to build this website using the same steps I am explaining to you, I know I am not the greatest website builder but I sure am happy with the results. You will be happy with your results as well.

It is fun to learn something new that allows you to share with the world. Having your own website will give you reach to every corner of the planet that has an internet connection.

Okay, here is what I did when I first started out on the same journey you are about to embark upon.

Taking The First Baby Steps To Improve your Future.

I had signed up for my free account on April 02, 2011, a day I will never forget. It had opened up a whole new universe to me that I had only wondered about until then. Upon signing up I got myself familiar with the layout, I recommend doing “The Getting Started”  courses as I did and the SiteRubix tabs where you will want to come up with a name for your website. They were the most important tabs on the entire site until I had my first website up. You will want to follow the instructions in the lessons to a tee.

When I got set up I went to the Getting Started tab and I began to follow the instructions and the step by step tutorials and video training. I didn’t miss a beat, I was focused and determined to follow through to the end and make my first website.

My first site was up running with pages of information and a few posts in just 3 days. I was so surprised it was so EASY. The Getting Started Lessons walk you through it step by step and before you know it, Presto you have a Website.

How it work’s

After you signup for your free account, you will see the same menu as seen in the photo to the right, click on the Siterubix button. I would recommend taking the Getting Started Lessons that you will have access to with your free account. It makes it much easy and it will explain and walk you through the process of building your website.

The cool features that come along with your two free websites are Top Notch.

Every day when I log into WA I will check the static of my websites and it let me know how many new pending and approved comment’s I have that need my attention, the site health, when it was last updated when was the last time I backed it up, how many posts and pages you have, whether it is indexed with Google, I have added a view below.

You can really see how they take pride in making everything as easy as possible for you to build and maintain a healthy website. This is just one of the many great features I use on a daily basis at WA. I will be adding more great and useful information on this site as time goes on. Right now I just want to focus on building websites. So here are a few things to help you manage and maintain your site.

5 Important Factors Of A Great Website

You want to make sure your website, your online brand “presence” is operating properly so that your visitors have an enjoyable experience. Here are the five things that will help you accomplish this.

  1. How fast your pages and post-load – Site Speed
  2. Is your site easy to navigate – Site Menu’s Navigation
  3. The way your site looks to visitors – Professional Look & Design
  4. How is your content managed – Site Content Management System – WordPress
  5. Most Importantly – Knowledgeable Helpful Content – Content is KING

Now you know the 5 key elements. If you can master them all you will have a professional and profitable website. You will be well on your way to creating your very own online business.

Why I Recommend  SiteRubix – WordPress – Let Me Explain

Most of you have heard of WordPress before because they are the largest Content Management System (CMS) on the web. When you combine that with SiteRubix you have the world’s most efficient website building platform. I used them to build this site. The majority of websites are made using WP for these key reasons.

  • 30,000 plugins to help add different feature’s and functionality to your website with one click
  • Over 2,000 different templates to use to build a great looking website
  • Support and Lots of Help within the community – (WA community)
  • Unlike the old days of building websites, there is No HTML No Code and No need for any extra knowledge
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Multilingual for international usage
  • Media Management – Photos & Videos
  • Publishing Tool – indexing to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines

Well as you can see why I prefer WordPress, they are the premier content platform I use to build all my websites, I have had no issues in the 9 years I have been building websites using SiteRubix and WordPress.

Now I want to show you how you can get your own WordPress website and start building it within 5 minutes.

Get started today, learn how to build a website free of charge and start building the foundation for your very own online business. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools you will ever need. Three steps to having your very own website in 10 minutes from now.

Step 1. Start to Build Your Website using SiteRubix for FREE

Step 2. Creating your Free Account

Step 3. Get access to 2 free websites & the Training Course

That’s it simple enough to follow the three steps and you will have your very own SiteRubix – WordPress Website up and running just a few minutes from now.

Do you have any questions or concerns?  Feel free to state your thought in the area below. I am always happy to help you in any way.

Thank you for visiting,


P.S. by taking action today to build your free website and learn how to make money with it I will personally welcome you and personally coach you getting off to a good start.

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