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Wealthy Affiliate domains and website hosting #1 in the industryTime-Sensitive Update posted March 06, 2020

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When you think of Websites and Domain Hosting what comes to mind? Godaddy, 1&1 hosting, HostGator and the list goes on right.

Have you bought a domain from any domain hosting company like Godaddy? After your purchase, your email fills up quickly with upsells from them? I have, and really think it is quite annoying to have them sending so many emails try to get you to buy more. Everything they offer ads up very quickly, like Site Security, Privacy, Extended Plans, Generating Traffic. All the things that should come with the purchase of the site. It really makes me sad when all these companies could probably be so much more successful and have much better customer experience if they would just stop being so greedy.

What Options Come With A New Registered Domain

I know if I found a website that offered everything at the advertised price with no dishonest gimmicks or annoying upsells, I would be their customer for a long time as long as the product was worth the price and worked for me. That is so hard to find nowadays. I am certain someday the world will be a more sharing and caring kind of place.

Until then I will have to stick to what I know and trust, I am going to give you a little insight about a new product I have been notified of just today about an hour before I started writing this article. It is such a great sounding web service tool, I needed to start sharing it right away to let everyone who has been looking for a Domain and website hosting platform to use. I will give you a heads up, it is so much more than a place to go to purchase your favorite domain name or host your website. Keep reading and I will spill the BEANS. I hope you are getting as excited as I am It is GREAT!!!!

where can you purchase a Domain with Secure Hosting, first-class help center, Whois Privacy Protection, Email, content creation platform, Advanced DNS Setting’s, 1000’s Website themes all included?

Have you ever heard of such a thing? It must cost $200 to $300 for all the extras to be included, I can’t believe it.

No good results from search

I know when I purchased my last domain from with everything I just mentioned except Email option cost me about $170 for 2 years until it renews, then I can expect to pay another $170. WOW, that hurts. I have been searching around the web looking for domain and hosting websites that offer all the stuff they advertise for the advertised price. Do you know how many I found that actually do offer the stuff they say they will give with the purchase of a domain and hosting with their company? One, and most of the other site’s if they do offer it to you it is for the first month or two then you will have to buy it. The one thing I wish I could find online and I am sure you could too, is an Honest to Goodness company or website that actually gave what they advertised.

That’s not too much to ask, IS IT?

Well I have something I am going to share with you, Take it how you will, but I have never been one to mislead anyone, I am definitely not going to start now. I want to tell you a little bit about this online community I am apart of. It is an Open Education Project if you are not familiar with the that. It is a community of Entrepreneurs teaching and learning from each other with the goal to help each other become successful online business owners. It is unique in a way because you will not find another form of community online that has the focus and mindset to help everyone become successful.

It is an awesome experience for me every day to know I will be talking to great people and learning something new about improving my business. That is all possible because the two guys that founded it are on top of the technology game. They have a great team and system that is always working to make the most crucial improvement to make the experience that much better for everyone.

 wealthy affiliate hosting
Hosting your website with the most secure hosting platform is like having the world’s toughest security guard at the door. Host with WA and your worries are gone.

The community I am talking about is called Wealthy Affiliate University. I have been a student going on 5 years now and I will tell you right now, I have learned so much. The innovation and modal to give the most excellent learning experience to everyone that signs up for the free courses or the premium learning program. It is the best learning community online and I support everything they do Because I am living proof that their system for educating people online is working.

Well enough said I want to get to my point here.

WA (Wealthy Affiliate) has just released its very own WA Domains to the array of other awesome learning tools within WA. It has features listed above. WA Domains is literally a one-stop-shop for you all your Domain and Website needs.

What do I mean by that? Well, let me tell you if you are just starting out online and want to purchase your first domain. WA has the tools to search for all the top domain names .com .net .org and it will be a breeze to set up once you find the name you want. Everything will be handled right in one location within Wealthy Affiliates Domains.

All You Will Ever Need In One Place

Everything you will need to have a safe operational site is found in their state of the art secure servers. This is some of the stuff you can expect.

  • Domain Security and Privacy from Whois so no Spam
  • Private Data Protection
  • Email Account with each domain you setup
  • Extra Levels of Protection to protect your site from hacker’s
  • Easily transfer your already owned website from registrar’s like Godaddy or Namecheap to WA Domains using the DNS Transfer
  • Lowest Price Online
  • Site Feedback ask for opinions and feedback to help improve your site
  • Site Comments receive comments will actually help with Seo
  • Site Health indicates how your site is doing
  • Site Support if you have issues with your site

So when you buy your domain with WA Domains, it will be set up and ready to go within minutes. Unlike most of the other domain hosting sites where it sometimes takes up to 24-48 hours. Not with WA Domains, it is instantly registered within a few minutes. With all the extra added security feature’s you won’t have to worry about your site.

Urgent Time-Sensitive Update

I have just been notified of a crucial update that will be taking place on March 16, 2020, regarding WA Hosting. They will be making big changes to the offerings of a website that will be available to starter and premium members. WA Hosting is still going to remain the best technology platform for websites and hosting as recognized by the Canadian Government.

Starter Members – will be cutting back to 1 free website from 2 free websites

Premium Members – will be cutting back from 50 websites 25 free (SiteRubix websites) and 25 owned domains to 10 websites.

If put into perspective this will still be the best deal found in hosting and website building platforms in the entire world online. WA Hosting is the safest and fastest website technology in the industry and if you have a website business or you are wanting to find better safer technology for hosting your current website you should consider switching to WA hosting as it is the leader in the industry and offers so much more protection, Google site speed technology, and the list goes on.

The reliability and service is unmatched and you have my guarantee that your website (s) will perform at a much better performance level than you have ever had with any other hosting platform and mention for the price of a monthly service using any other hosting platform like the few mentioned above you will pay a month for their hosting services that you will pay for an entire year of hosting with WA hosting.

This is a no joke service offer and if you want to get Grandfathered into the services mentioned above before March 16, 2020, which only a few days away you will have to act fast otherwise after the 16th you will lose the opportunity to have the starter membership 2 free websites or the 50 websites with the premium membership.


Do the math for yourself figure what you are paying or will pay for monthly hosting that includes all safety features, hosting, domain update and so on, it adds up quickly into the $100’s. Figure on average you will pay $150 – $300 a month on all your hosting needs. Now consider all that your money is paying for to keep your website safe from hackers, Performance tech to meet Google website speed demands and Not to mention the Secure Socket License that in its self could cost that high cost alone every month.

Now I really want you to think about this if you could get the top self-services for your website for a small fraction of the cost mentioned here would you want to take advantage of saving $1,000’s a year? I am here to offer you the chance of a lifetime you can get all the top shelf hosting technology for a tiny $49 a month that includes all the addons that other hosting platforms charge separately for and make tons of money and offer poor customer service.

WA Hosting offers the most innovative services and when you purchase the hosting through WA it comes with more than their hosting platform it will include a membership to the world’s largest all-inclusive entrepreneur training in the world. It is all included in the $49 monthly fee.

To learn more about the All-Inclusive entrepreneur community Wealthy Affiliate you can read my review here as I give an insiders look into the community. I have been a member since 2011 so the proof is in the pudding so to speak. There are over 2 million members learning and hosting websites using WA Hosting.

Read the review here, remember March 16th is the deadline to get grandfathered into the old hosting benefits of 50 websites 25 free (SiteRibix) and 25 owned websites. If you miss the 16th cut off you will still benefit from hosting 10 websites for the low cost of $49 a month.

Save Big Money using WA hosting today – Start Hosting Today

Everything is done for you so you can focus on doing what matters, building your business.

Well, I hope you take advantage of the hosting offer provided and found this page has provided you with some very good information.

Have any questions leave them in the comment area below. I read all comments and answer all questions, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


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