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Here are 5 key metrics to look for when searching for the perfect keyword.

#1.  SEO (search engine optimization)– this is a score based on the traffic and competition of the keyword. The higher the score the more likely your chances of ranking #1 within the search engines. Score base from 0 – 100 the higher the better

#2. KQI (keyword quality indicator) – this will tell you your keyword quality by using 3 key indicating colors red, yellow and green. Red indicates a poor SEO score, yellow indicates normal SEO score and green indicate a great score and you want to try to only use the green indicated keywords if possible they will have the best result in search engines.

#3. QSR (quoted search results)– this tells you how many other websites being indexed within the search engines are using the exact same keyword. There is a rule to not use the same keyword if there are 300 or more websites using the same keyword. I tend to search for numbers even lower, I have had very good results putting in a little extra effort and finding keywords with no more than 150 competing websites for anyone keyword or keyword phrase.

#4. Traffic – this is the amount of traffic that your website or campaigns will get when you rank in the first position of the search engines.

#5. Average– the average amount of monthly search traffic for your keyword. Note: to get the best results for your efforts doesn’t necessarily have to have 1,000’s of monthly searches. Try and find at least 100 monthly searches and no less than 20 for metric #4 and you will find you will have very good results.

When following the guidelines above with the 5 key metrics for the perfect keyword search you will more times than not beat your competition every time.

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