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Improve Websites Using Free keyword Tools

keyword search toolsThe performance and rank of a website within the search engines are most crucial. In this article, I am going to talk about Free keywords tools that make life easier and get results and show you how to find the perfect keywords for your website that will drive more quality traffic to your posts.

I will walk you through the process of using “the best free keyword tools” that I use myself every day, using the Alphabet Soup Technique and a couple of other ways to research keyword ideas.

At any rate, this is something you will want to know how to do to leverage keywords. It will show How To Increase Traffic To Website’s you own.

So let’s get started, the first thing I will show is how to do an Alphabet Soup search using Google automatic. For example, I will do a search for keywords related to increasing traffic to the website.

This will provide many variations to keyword phrases and offer more ideas to write about on future post and pages within your website. With one keyword research conducted your can most times get up to ten great ideas for content.

Alphabet Soup Technique – Free –

When I do a search for content ideas it is common to find enough good material to last me for a month of writing material. You will get a better understanding of this by the end of this page, it really is beneficial and the best part is that it is Free.

Google keyword research toolsOK, you ready to get going with our first search using Google? I am sure you have been using it for some time now without realizing it. Here we go, the first step is to type your keyword phrase into the Google search bar.

As you can see from the photo to the right I have typed “Increase Traffic To Website’s” and it automatically shows you 10 results of the most commonly search keyword terms. Pick one or two that sound good to you and give it a try. Just enter the keyword phrase into the Google search bar and see the different combinations you come up with.

Are you happy with the results? Jot them down or save them to a notepad where you will not lose them so you can continue your research.

Here is a tip to help you decide on an effective keyword to use. They need to make sense, sound human and catch your attention. When read it should sound natural, not like it was generated by a robot. You want to avoid sounding like a robot with your keywords. People don’t respond well to add’s that don’t sound right when they read it. The more effort you put into finding the right keywords, the better your results will be.

The next step I go to a couple of free websites to do some digging for more keyword idea’s. When I do my research I always build a list of at least 5 – 10 relevant keywords so I have more options to write about. Onto the next tool, I like to use. Keyword Research Tool – Free

My second step is to go to Ubersuggest Here I will use the same search term I used with Alphabet Soup “Increase Traffic To Website’s”. Type your idea into the search bar and it will bring up all the results related to your search term. Ubersuggest also breakdown other key element involved if you are to do paid advertising, but that doesn’t matter because we are going for free traffic.

Ubersuggest free keyword research toolYou will find that these result will differ from other sites you use for conducting keyword research. This is not a bad thing, as it will offer more content ideas in the future. In most cases you will get a similar result on most keyword tools, the important thing is what information they share about the keywords.

Here are the results of this search. Remember to use similar search terms for the niche you are wanting to research. You will most definitely come up with more keywords than you will be able to use for just one article and this is why I save them to a list for future use.

As you can see, there are different variant’s to the keyword phrases on Ubersuggest than there was using Google Automatic. So you can take a couple of these options to add to your keyword list.

It’s important to try to come up with as many keywords as you can before you start to write anything. You will see all the different idea’s you can come up with to write about the same niche.

I generally use one term for each page or post I write. You can see just from the two of the ways I search for keywords you can come up with a bunch of material to write on.

How To – Approach of Niche Research Using – – Free

Now step three is checking out Ehow for some more great content idea’s. Using the same keyword term as before, I will now do a search to see the results we’ll get. You will notice eHow is a “How To”  keyword search platform. This is good to research a niche regarding How to do different things. With that in mind, it now changes the way we will search our term now will add “How To” to the beginning of our phrase – how to increase traffic to websites. Let’s see what we get for result with this term.

ehow free keyword research tool

From this search, there is one search term that stands out to me more than others. Take a look and see if you can pick the one I’m thinking of using on our keyword list.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic and Gain Customers is the one that stands out to me. Is that the same you chose?

You will discover that with the more research you do in the days and weeks to come, you will notice keywords jumping out at yours.

When I do searches now after doing it for more than 4 years it is second nature to find great “Low Hanging Fruit”. That is the term for great keywords with not much competition and they give really good results in the search engines. I will elaborate on that topic in another post soon.

Now I will go into the final steps of gathering keywords and refining the list we have compiled here today before I’ll begin my writing.

Competition and SEO Rating’s Using – Free & Pay option Tool –

In this step, I am using Jaaxy to find our keyword phrase. Jaaxy is my keyword research tool of choice. I will go ahead now and enter the keyword search term into Jaaxy’s search tool “increase traffic to website’s” I think you may be amazed at the results and why using Jaaxy is the last step in my keyword research process Here We Gooo….

Jaaxy keyword research tool


You can see there are many available keywords, this was all I could fit in the screenshot there are still many more to choose from. Take a look at this list you will find many of the keywords already on our list that we found using the other search tools.

I will now explain what you are looking for, using Jaaxy’s keyword research tool. You can see in the screenshot there are many keywords with a series of numbers. I will explain what each number and color stands for from left to right. In the list below, I give a detailed description of each of them and their purpose.

Average & Traffic:

Avg Is the number of average searches for this keyword per month.

Traffic this is the average amount of traffic your website will receive with first page rankings.  Traffic this number is the one you will want to pay close attention to. This is the key to getting natural rankings on Google.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is the quoted search result for competing for websites rank in Google using the exact keyword.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – Green is great, Yellow is Ok and Red is bad. This will tell you how well you can expect your keyword to perform in searches.

SEO (Search Engine Optimized) – This is the score based on Traffic and Competition, the higher the score the better chance you have to rank on the first page of Google. ( score scaling is 1 – 100 the higher the number the better).

So there you have it, my friend, you are now ready to apply your new-found knowledge to your website articles. Now you know how to find quality keywords a few different ways. When you research your next article you will have the resources to do it right.

I guess that wraps it up for today unless you want to ask those questions running through your mind now. Write your question below in the comment section and I will respond shortly. I am here to help so if you do not ask the questions how am I suppose to help.

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10 thoughts on “Free keywords tools that make life easier and get Results”

  1. There really isn’t any magic trick to capitalizing on SEO and keyword effectivity, but I do think that you really need to be on your toes and come up with creative ways to utilize effective keywords. I agree with some of the stuff you said on here, and I appreciate that you’ve listed some pretty useful tools! I write for a website and getting the right combination of keywords is more often than not pretty tricky.

    • Hey, Mike,

      I know what you mean, it can be a real task searching for just the right keyword phrase to use and the tools mentioned above do really help a lot and cut the search time down.

      Thanks for the great comment, Mike.

      To finding the diamond in the rough keywords,


  2. Keyword tools is a lovely way of building your site and knowledge in terms of attracting and utilising website traffic to improve your website ratings and business growth.

    The alphabet soup technique is a flashback to our youth, but also a reminder of how easy it can be.

    Finding new niches is certainly a new challenge that all of us who are exploring online have encountered, so being able to access ehow is going to be very handy to assist this.

    The big one that stands out here for me is Jaaxy, the free site is a great starting point in keyword research and analysis.

    • Hello, Shane,

      Thanks for the comment and sharing your thought here today. When starting out it is not easy with knowing how or where to get started. When considering what to do for a niche or online business idea Ehow is really a helpful tool that lets you see what there is out there. I use it often when I need new ideas.

      As far as Jaaxy it is a wonderful tool both as a free user and paid user, you can really accomplish a lot in a short amount of time with it.

      Thanks again Shane,


  3. Great article and excellent,ranking is very essential for the keywords,and I enjoyed this free tools you mentioned,Ubersuggest,really have not use it before,have been using jaaxy,and I actually love the experience,considering all the factors to pick the best keyword for the website ranking,because competition is high. thanks for the write-up.rock higher in online business.

  4. Hi Thomas,
    It’s a useful article in our daily life as a regular internet user. In this article, you show your concept step which is very helpful for me. As well as you show how to increase the traffic of a website & gain customers by 5 steps which are really essential for every online passive income. There are so many new terms I learned from this article like Average, Traffic, QSI, KQI, SEO, etc which are really useful & attractive especially for the newbie like me.
    I would like to recommend my all friends to read this article & know the benefits of free keyword tools

  5. Hey, Thomas! A fascinating article my friend. And loads of free value. I mean, people can just take your advice and instructions regarding the tools and be off actually getting results. In that sense, I imagine this can really make life easier for a lot of people. So, I do sincerely appreciate that. I really like people that genuinely add value.

    Other than that, I personally hadn’t heard of ubersuggest as a tool before. But it seems to be an amazing one. Plus, a free one. 

    Again, thank you for heartedly looking out for people.

    Cheers, and have a Great One, Thomas!


    • Hey, Matiss,

      thank you for taking the time from your day to read the post above and leaving a comment. It is nice to know that my work is being recognized and helping others. 

      I try to help others looking for resources online to make their search for quality useful information easier. With that being, I will be adding a lot more articles covering a wide range of topics related to online business and legitimate ways to earn an income from home. I recommend bookmarking this site for future reference and sharing with friends on social media that may find it useful as well. 

      Matiss, Thanks again and enjoy your day,


  6. I loved this. I’ve never thought of using google’s suggestions this way but that makes so much sense. I can already imagine how this has the potential of providing so much useful ideas and directions that I won’t really be able to explore them in a span of a month, let alone a week.

    Super useful tool. 

    I mean, the rest were really helpful too but I’m just beyond hyped about that Alphabet Soup Technique.

    That said, the Jaaxy tool seemed like the real deal. I do understand that its basically a paid software. In that regard, what kind of limitations does it impose on the free version? Is it still as capable or essentially tuned down to uselessness?

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    • Hi, Rasa,

      thank you for the comment and concerns about Jaaxy limitation using the free version.

      When you use Google for your initial keyword ideas and then use Jaaxy free version you still have quite an advantage. Jaaxy free version still allows you to do 30 searches and save great keywords into different list categories. So if you were to do 30 searches using Google automatic you will most likely find 30 great keywords that way, then with the 30 keywords you plug them into Jaaxy and come up with possibly over 300 keywords using your 30 free searches saving them all to categorized list you would have enough keywords to do roughly 300 articles based one article per keyword. 

      With that amount of free keywords saved on your list as a free user, you will have access to them without having to pay monthly or yearly fees. Although you do miss out on a lot of great features that the paid service offers, you can still benefit greatly from the free service.

      Hope this was beneficial to your concerns about the Jaaxy free version. 

      If you may have any further concerns or question, I am always here to help in any way I can.

      Thank you,



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