How To Increase Traffic In Your Website

How to really get more traffic to your website

How to increase traffic in your website

Have you wondered why you do not have much traffic to your website? Want to know how to increase traffic to your website? It is easy enough if you have the passion and willingness to help others. On this page, you will have the opportunity to obtain this little bit of information to use in the process of getting more traffic to your website.

I am happy to pass on what I have learned to generate plenty of traffic every month to my websites.

For a starter to get more traffic you have to focus on your writing (content) and when you can do that you will be 90% ahead of most other people. Sounds simple enough. Your writing (content) will get you noticed by search engines and that is a good thing. There is a bit more to it than that so you will have to keep reading to find out. You will learn your Content is King to your success online.

What To Do to get noticed by Search Engine

Why it is important to have quality content within the pages and posts of your website and How To Increase Traffic To Website’s using content for free traffic.

Content Is King For Search Engine Ranking
Be the Content King of your Niche, drive natural traffic to your site.

Why is Content King you ask? Creating content within your website is probably the most important part of getting ranked well with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The three biggest search engines online. When you rank well with them that is when traffic starts to grow

So how do you get ranked just using content?

I will tell you, in the old days of search engine rankings you use to be able to get ranked just by using keywords. Now that Google has changed things with new algorithms from the zoo. It has made it more difficult, but it is for the better. all the search engines around the world have been trying very hard to eliminate spammer’s, hackers, and robots from stealing ranking from honest hard-working writer’s trying to make a legitimate living online.

It is set up to give rankings where rankings are doing, to you and I who write relevant content based on keywords. So now it is much easier I think to not focus so much on the keyword density in our writing. You find a keyword, you write relevant content based on the keyword, and the search engine notices this and it results in better rankings.

Factors involved for better ranking in the search engines

First off as I mentioned, do your research to find the right keyword to base your content on. Then from there, it is really quite simple.

  1. Why do we build our websites? 
  2. What is it we are trying to do?
  3. Who are we writing for?
  4. Where do we want people to go to read online?

These are all questions you want to ask yourself when you are preparing to write a new post or page. Always keep these in the back of your mind as they will be beneficial for you as you become more and more involved with writing and working on your website’s content.

So let me explain why you need to ask yourself these questions often.

#1 Why do we build our websites? Answer – to provide information and answers to people looking for answers.

#2 What is it we are trying to do? Answer – again to provide answers for people looking for solutions.

#3 Who are we writing for? Answer – we are writing for the people the visitors of our websites, who are looking for answers and solutions to problems they encounter.

#4 Where do we want people to go to read online? Answer – you may know the answer to this. We want them to come to us for the answers they are looking for.

Our websites are built to help people find answers.

Are you getting to see the point of our content?

The focus used to be on rankings alone, people use to write anything and not provide a resource for people to find answer’s to questions. Now It is SOOO beneficial for everyone to provide a resourceful website with the answers people are looking for.

The key point I am trying to convey here in this post is the very importance of your content. If you can understand the fact that Content is King you will be king of your niche.

It really is that simple.

Find relevant keywords for the topic you want to write about. Then you write it for the people, the people that are looking for the solutions. The solutions you will provide for them within your content will show the search engines that people find your website and your content useful and relevant. Google, Bing, and Yahoo will rank you higher in the search pages (1st page). This is when you really start to get a lot of traffic.

It is very important to keep your focus when writing on the person who will be visiting your site. After all, we are creating our website for the people. So write to them.

Don’t worry about writing for the search engines. If you want to make the search engines happy, write for the people, provide relevant reading material and quality information. That will make them like your website and give you the rankings you earn.

Give them what they are looking for.

become an authority in your niche
The more credible you become to your reader’s the more Authority you will have. Trust, Authority, and Credibility will lead you to success.

Become the Authority in your niche, build your brand, create quality content often, I recommend writing at least 3 or 4 times a week. Be yourself. Be original never copy and paste content from other sites, nothing good ever come from that.

It is, of course, fine to get ideas from other sites. For example, this post idea came from the Wealthy Affiliate – Getting Started Entrepreneur Lessons. I did not copy anything word for word nor did I copy and paste anything. I just simply read the lesson and I have learned a great deal on their membership courses, (which is free to signup) then I applied my own passion and experience to try and provide you the reader with relevant content to hopefully give you answer’s to why it is important to have quality content on your website for rankings.

For more information on Wealthy Affiliate and the services they provide, I have written a review that will go into detail about the awesome community within Wealthy Affiliate. I guarantee you have never had an experience quite like it. There are over 1,400,000 members most of whom are happy to learn and pass on what they learn to new members. It really is amazing, If you like what I have shared with you here today then you will love all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

It is true that Content is King for getting a better index ranking within the search engines = more traffic.

I hope I have helped you find answers to what you have been looking for.

Have questions on this topic use the comments area below and I am here for you, to help you in any way I can.

Your Friend,


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