How To Use The Content Platform Within Wealthy Affiliate

The Content Platform Within WA

The most efficient content writing platform for creating beautiful article post on your business website, affiliate website or a private blog. Keep track of all your writing material within this platform and create custom templates for future use and time-saving efficiency.

Features Included In The Content Platform

Below you will see a list of features included within the Content Platform found within Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Features List

  • Content Manager
  • Spell Check
  • Template Creator Platform
  • Advanced Writing Editor
  • Word Count Tracker
  • Automatic Publisher
  • 1 Million Free Images
  • Writing Stats and Goals
  • Walkthrough Tutorial How It Works
  • Google Index Monitoring
  • Article Keyword Search
  • Article Organizer

As you can see there are a lot of features within the Writing Platform. If you have been struggling with your content creation and you are looking for a secure work platform I would strongly recommend using Wealthy Affiliate as your all in one platform for creating content for your website.

For a full in-depth overview of the platform check out this video here from Kyle the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate he gives a complete walkthrough of the content platform explaining everything and how it all works. Take a few minutes and watch the video it is really impressive how efficient and easy it is to use.

Click Here To Watch 

I have written another informative article on writing great content that you will want to check out but first I recommend watching the video mentioned. Clicking the link just above will open in a new window so you will not lose your place here. Watch the video and come back to read this article here.

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