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Who has the World’s Toughest Job, works more than 130 hours in some cases and does it for Free?

This is a Tribute to mothers around the world. I wanted to show my gratitude to all the very hardworking mothers that stay home to care for their families every single day and explain that there are Jobs For Stay Home Moms that can earn you some extra cash with just a couple of hours a week. First I wanted to share with you below some facts about stay home moms being the hardest workers on the planet.
There are hundreds of millions of people who dedicate their time every week working effortlessly sometime’s not sleeping more than a few hours a week. Have you figured out who these people are? They are the hardest working, most excepting and appreciative people on the entire planet. Watch the video below to find out these people are, you will be truly amazed, you have to watch to the end.
This is a must-watch before you continue to read on, It’s an amazing job interview conduct for the World’s Toughest Job

Pretty, Amazing video, let me ask you, did you expect the outcome of these interviews? I had to share it on my site here to help mothers and stay home moms know that they really are the hardest working people on the planet. You will find simple and easy ways to earn money in the little free time that you do have. Read through this page to find out simple steps to create an online business of your own, in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to find work that allows you to stay home with the kids. I want to share a couple of facts that will help you to build a successful online business using a blog website. There are millions of jobs for stay home moms, in as little as 30 minutes a day you can have the foundation built and be well on your way to achieving your online goals. Continue reading to learn what it takes to make an extra income to help provide for your family.

The way technology is evolving every day it is important to understand that it will be 100% effective to your business if you are open-minded and willing to give yourself the time to work on your business every day.

If this is a new concept to you, you are probably wondering how to even get started? To work from home, you will want to read the tips I have included below and a few important questions. Think about how hard you work already, mothers are the hardest working people on the planet. You are no different from 1,000’s of other moms already making really good money with an online blog website.

Is Working From Home for You Or Not?

You will have to ask yourself the following questions to find out if working from home is really for you or not. Take a moment to think about each of these questions, you want to consider the fact that if you do want to start your very own business.

  1. Do I have an extra 30 minutes a day to work alone on my business?
  2. Do I have the motivation to work on the business at least 5 days a week?
  3. Do I have the creativity to come up with great ideas?
  4. Do I have the skills to write on my niche (topic) every day?
  5. Do I have a how to make money from my blog site?
  6. Do I have what it takes’s to move forward from my mistakes, rejection, and failures?

Do you think you have what it takes to answer yes to the above questions, only you know if you have what it takes to move forward and what is best for your family?

You will have to work to get yourself established, with the right mindset and tools you will succeed I can assure you, though, the fruits of your labors are very good. To simply put it, the results reflect the time and energy you put into your efforts.

Finding your Passion (Niche)?

stay at home mothers find your passion pursue what excites youThis is a very important step, finding your niche or what you are passionate about will help in finding the right topic to build your business. You must be able to offer something to your audience, finding something you really enjoy talking about what makes you happy and excited to be able to share with the people that visit your site will be very beneficial.

The reason it’s beneficial for you to dig deep within yourself to find the perfect niche is because there is a lot of competition out there. So it is important that you are able to get your audience involved, motivated and interested in whatever you choose for your niche. The more involved your audience is the more authority you will have within your niche.

As you keep reading it will be revealed to you how to create and maintain a following of people interested in hearing what you have to share with them.

Being True To Yourself – Being Realistic With Your Ideas

The common mistakes moms make when venturing into an online business, is not being realistic with ideas on the blog website. Sure you want to write about your passions and dreams to build a great blog site. As mentioned earlier, you want to captivate the audience you attract to your site with fun helpful entertaining and knowledgeable information, so your niche needs to be a realistic one. Does your topic offer some kind of benefit to your readers? Make sure you offer something to benefit your audience.

For example – say your passion is about having beautiful hairstyles you could focus your topic on different styling methods for women, men, and children. You know as well as I do there is a lot of information to share on the topic of hair. So you would be able to write about different hairstyles for a long time as the fashion and style industry is always changing. Do you understand now? Whatever your topic niche is keeping it real, something others can relate to and become interested in the information you have to offer them.

If your audience benefits from visiting your site they will return and likely share it on their social profiles, so it will be a win-win for both of you.

Follow Your Competitor

When first starting out, do plenty of research on the topic you are considering writing on. Research your competition and learn from them. There are many tools and ways to do this, I will have a couple of links to tools I use on a daily basis that help me to advance in the rankings of the big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. By researching your competing website you can get an idea of how to set up your site, pay attention to the titles they use on their pages and post, you will pick up on techniques and you can apply them to your site. I recommend signing up for their email list and following them, this can prove to be very helpful.

Note to self – it is OK to learn from other sites, it is Not OK to copy their content. Be original.

Choosing a Blog Platform

There are many blogging platforms to choose from some you pay and others are free such as,, just to name a few. I started out using a free platform that utilizes WordPress and it is by far the best I have come across, it is simple and offers free training as well you can read this post on it here click SiteRubix. Are you looking for the best all-around blog platform I would recommend SiteRubix as it is designed for beginners and it really has helped thousands of people get their start with an online business? Do you are interested in this option you will find a link below along with other platforms mentioned?

Once you have a platform chosen for your blog site, you will now want to think of a domain name for your website. Some people use their name or you can think of something along with the topic you have picked. There are benefits to using your name as the domain name, but that is not for everyone. Be creative and think of a catchy name.

Begin Writing Out Your Content

Now you should be ready to start adding content to your blog site. You will want to create pages and posts that will not only catch the attention of potential followers but offer value and authority within your chosen Niche. Keep in mind it will take time to become an authority in your niche, it is not something that happens overnight. But with persistence and some hard work you will get there. Have faith in yourself and always remember when you’re writing, is this going to provide helpful and useful information for my readers.

Many Ways To Earn Money With Your Blog

After you have a few pages and posts on your site and you start to gain a following with increasing traffic. Now you should think about how you can monetize your site. There are many ways you can do this, do you make your own product to promote? You can sign up for Affiliate Programs promoting products for company’s, you can set up Amazon links to products ( a popular option) have links to an eBay store, as you can see the opportunity is there you just need to figure out how you want to monetize for your income.

All In One Online Business Platform

I will now share with you a few helpful tools and the community that is focused on helping people just like you get started with their very own online business.

I had mentioned SiteRubix for building out your website using WordPress, I have used SiteRubix when I was just starting out like you are now, it can help you tremendously.

I forgot to mention that Keyword Research is very important to help assist with finding the right keyword phrases that can help drive quality traffic to your blog site. I use every day and it too is very simple to use and it offers free sign up and 30 free keyword searches.

Do you are like myself when I first started out and many others doing the same, you are probably a little nervous? It is a big step to take into the unknown of the internet marketplace, have no fear. I would like to mention the All In One Business Platform, which has made my journey much easier if I had gone it alone. It is an online business learning community that is focused on helping beginners like you to get started. Read This Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate Community and all the training you will need and the awesome thing about this community is that they really are there to help, if you ever need help to figure out a problem you just ask someone in the live chat. Within just minutes someone will help you or find the resource that will give you the answers you need.

I want you to understand where I am coming from in telling you about this community, I have been within this community for 6 years now and if it wasn’t for the great people there I would not have the knowledge and tools to be able to help you out today. I have dedicated this entire website to offering helpful resources to people like you that have questions about getting started with an online business. I pride myself pride in sharing the resources of the pages and posts and it could be used as an example of how you could build your blog site. Do you have a passion and something you love to talk about you will never work a day in your life? It will be too much fun to feel like work.

Helping others is my passion and I really enjoy sharing useful information with people like you the ones who have the World’s toughest Job. To all the hardworking mothers who dedicate themselves to taking care of the future generations. Thank you 🙂

Do you have any questions or you just want to say hi, feel free to use the comment area below and I will get back to you. I hope you have found this information about Jobs For Stay Home Moms useful.

Thank you very much and may you have a blessed day.

Your friend,


Success begins when you take action and begin investing in yourself, learning something new or expanding on something you already know.

Read About Wealthy Affiliate in this review I have written in great detail sharing my very own honest experience of where I have learned what I know, it is worth it if you want to jump-start your online business ideas.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. It is so good to know that times have changed in that we can now make money from the comforts of our own homes by following a proven system that works like wealthy affiliate and affiliate marketing. So many people are working in this way full time from home and making a good living.

  2. Thank you for the tribute to mothers. Not many people understand the struggles and the sacrifices mothers make to stay and take care of the home. If they can make the sacrifice to take care of the home, they can well make the sacrifice to build their online business even if it means staying awake after everyone else has gone to bed.

    You have explained the steps in a very clear manner that is easy to follow and understand. I believe every mom out there can follow the formula step-by-step and just start working. No matter how long it takes, consistency is the key.

    Thank you for such an insightful article.

    1. Hi, Carol,

      You are very welcome 🙂

      I am happy this article was easy to follow and to understand, I appreciate your comment and taking the time to share your thoughts here. It makes everything worth the effort to know that hard-working moms can be recognized for all the work that they do every day.

      Have a great week and thank you,


  3. Here we go stay at home moms are the ideal kind of people who should take the Affiliate marketing as a full-time job with a flexible non-mandatory number of hours to work any day provided you continue without any demotivation and unsure of its result. WA is a platform where you could truly get extra income but first, you should learn the basics in online business in the Affiliate marketing world. Get the training know the fundamentals keyword with Jaaxy and niche and platform.the author is right Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be. Great message.

    1. I agree 100% it is very important to learn every aspect of affiliate marketing and WA as mentioned in the post above is the ideal place to learn everything you need to know. I recommend it today, tomorrow and every day to all stay at home moms looking for ways to earn an income from home in the little spare time they have. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the freedom of working the hours they want and living the life they truly deserve.

      Thank you for your comment and insight on the article. Have a great weekend,


  4. I think that this post will not only appeal to moms, but anyone who is very busy but still wants to make that breakthrough to a better life with time freedom. The video was brilliant! The greeting card company knew what they were doing! 

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform that provides all the training, tools and mentoring to be successful. You can’t beat the cost. I checked it out because the starter membership is free. When you are taking action to create a home based business that you are in complete control of, it doesn’t seem like work. 



    1. Hey, Edwin, 

      thank you so much for your comment and I couldn’t agree with you more about Wealthy Affiliate. It really is remarkable with all the training, mentoring, and coaching from fellow members and there are over 1.4 million members. I have written my 9-year review sharing my experience and my opinion on the community and how easy it is for anyone especially stay home moms to start out just a few hours a week.

      Edwin, hope you are finding much success.


  5. Hi,

    Great article about jobs for stay home moms. You are absolutely right,  this is the toughest position in this world to be a mom and do all the hardest responsibilities but without getting anything in return. I would like to show my respect for all those moms in this world. Now come to point, you explain very well how to stay home mom can work from home now if they have little bit extra time in a day. I know personally plenty of people who are stay home mom, doing their online business and making money from online. And a big example is I can tell about myself. I am a mom of two. But working from home and making money from that way, how you show here. Thanks, for this article.

    1. Hi, Nazmun,

      This article was inspired by my own mother who had raised four boys by herself and she worked around the clock to make sure we all had what we needed every day. She now is retired from 9 to 5 and works part-time online and is enjoying her part-time retirement very much. 

      I have the most respect for Stay at home mother and those moms that have day jobs and kids to take care of.

      Bless all mothers

  6. Hi Thomas,

    Your post is well targeted on stay at home mothers encouraging them to join Wealthy Affiliate where they can be kept busy developing their own online business and benefit financially from it. Additionally, the 9/5 jobs working mothers could also be targeted because of two major reasons. 

    One reason is that these mothers have the ability to dedicate their services to whatever their mind directs them as the video shows. In fact, there are a number of 9/5 jobs working mothers who have had tremendous success inside the Wealthy Affiliate community.

    Secondly, working 9/5 jobs working mothers, just like their counterparts stay home mothers have something in common, and that is, spending a significant portion of their time on social media. That time could be spent also in creating their own online business so that they supplement their income. Thank you for encouraging mothers wherever they may be to try and earn money online. 

    1. Hey, Joseph,

      Thank you for sharing your insights here and sharing a few more ideas for mothers who may be looking to start an online business. It is true that stay home moms could spend less time on social media and more time focusing on creating an extra income online. 

      I guess we are all guilty of spending a bit to much time on social media these days.

      Thank you again, Joseph, hope you have a great weekend.


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