SeoPressor review and Product Overview

SEOPressor at a Glance…

seo pressor review SeoPressor is a technology geared toward improving website SEO (search engine optimization). It is a way Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the other search engines read your website and judge whether it is worthy of good ranking on their front pages. Within this SeoPressor review, I will show detailed images and explain to the best of my knowledge what it means.

There is a lot of technical mumbo jumbo I had to look up for an accurate understanding in order to pass it on to you with ease. So if I did my job correctly you will leave this post with a better understanding of this technology and be able to make a worthy decision to use SeoPressor or not.

SeoPressor review and Product Overview

So let’s get started with explaining what SeoPressor is and how it works.

How will SeoPressor help you and your website perform online?

SeoPressor was developed as a plugin for WordPress, which is one of the largest website platforms online today. To put WordPress into the perspective of websites in the world as of June 2019 there were estimate 172million websites online and of those 75million were WordPress websites. that is almost half of all websites online, wow! That is a huge number, and very good for SeoPressor if they could get a small fraction of those website users to use their SEO tool.

Let’s take a look at the different features involved in using this technology. From my research, I have found that the SeoPressor basis focuses on using the 5 Pillars of SEO. These five pillars include –

#1. On-page Analysis – basically this tells you if you have too many keywords on your page and helps you to track the use of up to 3 keywords per page to make sure not to use them too many times which can give negative readings to the search engines. This is a good way to track your keyword usage and keep you in good standing with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

pillar #1 of SeoPressors 5 pillar seo system


#2. Seo Intelligence – I believe this to be the meat and potatoes of SeoPressor as this tracks your entire website’s SEO activities and trends track the SEO score and give an SEO audit that allows you to see in a sitewide analytical view of what is happening on your site at all times. It also tracks for errors and alerts you when something is wrong within your website so you can fix it quickly to prevent any downtime. It is basically the Health tracker of your website.


#3. Semantic Builder – This tool is a way to advance your website for the way the internet is evolving. The Semantic builder allows your website to be read much quicker and more proficiently. The semantic web is the proposed development in which the data in your web pages have been structured and tagged to be easily read by computers. This reportedly how the internet is slowly structuring for the near future.


pillar #3 of SeoPressors 5 pillar seo system


#4. Crawler Control – allows you to have control of what the search engines read on your website. It is not important to have certain pages on your website indexed. With the crawler control, you can set no-index controls to not follow those pages and it will only follow the pages you set it to. It will exclude them from the site maps as well. Manage to redirect URLs and Canonical links using this pillar also.


#5. Link Management – is an optimizer that helps to create creative SEO friendly links, for example, a lot of links on websites tell you to Click Here as their link and with the link manager it will avoid links like that and you will have a link more suttle that goes with the flow of the content such as this if you like SeoPressor utilize the technology today. Do you see the difference between the two text links? One is intrusive and the other is suttle within the text. The link manager will assist in building links, tracking links and fixing broken links. Tracking them so you can focus on what important, your writing.


pillar #5 of SeoPressors 5 pillar seo system,


Now you are familiar with the 5 pillars of SeoPressor. I added the video and images above to give you a visual as it helps explain things and I thinking to see the images will help us retain it for memory when we mention one of the 5 pillars you can visualize the image from above. Well, we know about the 5 pillars lets dig in a little deeper and see what else there is to discover.

Does SeoPressor offer any training or other tools?

Well as I was doing my research and digging around on the SeoPressors website and blog pages I was a bit stunned at what I had found. You will not believe all the training tutorials, ebooks, great blogs with at least 400 posts I found. There really is a lot of information and from what I had seen it was all free. That is the shocker, I can’t believe all the extra info and they just give it away. I signed up for the email updates and they are full of very useful information and they will ask in the emails if you would like to read their newest ebook for free and they are all packed full of information.

SeoPressor newly improved features for all your SEO needs

Here is what I found for free on the SeoPressors website listed below.

The Tools tab in the main menu has a list of online marketing tools covering a wide range of topics for other plugins and programs they use for the following aspects of their website and business to improve efficiency. I also think they are affiliate links as well. I have listed only a couple from each category as there are many of them. If you want to see the complete list you can see them for yourself and use the ones you think will benefit you most.

Content Marketing

  • Google’s Gsuite – a Google cloud-based group of apps designed to help keep organized including Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for file sharing. If you have a business with employees this tool could help your team stay on the same pages and work efficiently.
  • Grammarly – it is a great proofreading tool that allows you to see your grammar mistakes and gives you ideas for correction, I use this tool myself, it works great if your not the best writer. I recommend this one myself.
  • Blog Title Generator – this tool is neat in the way it gives a lot of catchy headlines, you just fill in your keyword phrase and description and the title generator spits out tons of great ideas for your title

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SeoPressor – of course, they use their own tool for SEO, why wouldn’t they.
  • SemRush – is a powerful tool used for tracking competition in both SEO and PPC  (pay per click) also social media and video advertising. Semrush allows you to find keywords that you and your competitors are ranking for in search engines.
  • Google Analytics – This tool is recommended for anyone with an online business as it tracks all aspects of your business online. Including ROI (return on investment), daily website visitors, what pages are people spending more time on, etc.

Social Media

  • Social Metrics Pro – By the SEOPressor team, Social Metrics Pro is a WordPress social plugin for tracking the analytics of your social accounts environment.
  • Cresta Social Media Counter – This is a free WordPress plugin for easily sharing a post to social media account and it can also be used to show how many times your post is being shared on specific accounts.


  • Canva – is a design platform that allows anyone to use it with ease. Design creative custom images with text and other features to share on your social media, website, or holiday cards. It is a versatile tool with many uses.
  • PiktoChart – this is another simple to use the app for creating infographics, creating high-quality graphics with ease.
  • Adobe Illustrator – Used for creating vector art, logos, sketches, and other great designs.

Email Marketing

  • Aweber -A email marketing and autoresponder tool for creating professional-looking newsletters.


  • Gmail – Using Gmail offers all the options of the Gsuite mentioned above.
  • Helpscout – Great for customer support services tool to keep your customers happy.
  • Discus – This tool integrates within your website for a more engaging experience for your visitor’s writing comments.

Access & Security 

  • Lastpass – Is a password manager and random password generator that secures your passwords and personal information in a secure location.


Those above are within the tools tab now we will take a look at the Resources tab for the educational stuff.

SeoPressor’s top training resources for mastering SEO

The image to the right is a brief description of the training courses on the SeoPressor website. I think you will find them very helpful as your progress in the SEO realm.

Plugin Tutorials – let’s cover then briefly. The plugin tutorials are packed full of all the training you will need to properly set SeoPressor on your website, from the initial installation and activation to set up a home page, it basically covers the set up of all the 5 pillars mentioned above. You will be directed to these steps upon selecting SeoPressor for your go-to SEO management plugin. I will get a little more detailed with the online courses and the knowledge vault now.

Online Courses – there are 4 courses in all that appear to be ebooks divided into chapters as lessons totaling 43 chapters in all. So basically four ebooks to read covering the four different topics, as listed below.


  1. Double Your Daily Traffic in 30 Days – in this ebook lesson series, they teach you how to as the title says double your traffic in 30 days with their proven methods.
  2. How To Improve WordPress SEO – the lessons (chapters) in this ebook show you how to improve your WordPress SEO within a week’s time.
  3. Social Media Marketing Course – this ebook covers social media mastery, SeoPressor experts teach their techniques to master all your social media post on all platforms.
  4. Understanding Link Building & Co-citations – this ebook covers all the most up to date techniques for imputing links and using links within your website for the maximum SEO potential.

Those are the online courses available to you for free I plan on reading all of them for a little extra boost in SEO knowledge.

SeoPressors Knowledge Vault

The knowledge vault on SeoPressors website consists of two portals, one is an ebook covering 29 key aspects to having a successful website within the search engines using SEO techniques. The other is about Google patents on most of the 29 topics covered in the ebook. Both of them go into great detail explaining what you need to know about each of the 29 steps.

The Google patents I think are more technical and the ebook breaks each of the 29 key steps down for the average person to be able to understand. Personally, I skip over the Google patents and look over the ebook. I don’t understand all that mumbo jumbo.

The Blog of all SEO blogs

The blog at SeoPressors is worth getting email updates, on the SEO coverage they offer it is jam-packed full of posts covering every topic to do with SEO. If you don’t sign up with SeoPressor at least sign up for their weekly email it is worth it. There are something like 400 posts there and every post is worth the read.

So I think I have covered all there is to talk about on the SeoPressors website, let’s recap real quick what we went over.

  • The 5 Pillars of SEO
  • The many Tools
  • Key Resources 

It doesn’t seem like much but within all 3 listed above here, there is more than enough to help you master your SEO. I guess the only thing that we haven’t mentioned is How Much Is SeoPressor going to cost with all the amazing stuff it does for a website to master SEO from every aspect. Well, the diagram below as a complete list of the features included and many of them were not mentioned in this post. The price will blow your mind.

One Simple Plan For Your Sophisticated SEO Needs

Be it basic or advanced, we’ve got the whole spectrum covered

All New Features SEOPressor
Other Alternatives
Multiple K/W Analysis

One keyword at best?

Over Optimization Check

Do they even care?

Progressive LSI K/W Engine

Exclusive to SEOPressor

SemantiQ Density Analysis

This is proprietarily ours.

Meta Settings
Facebook Open Graph
Twitter Card
Dublin Core
Rich Markup

Some, yes. How about yours?

301 Redirect
Robot Rule Settings

As intuitive? Probably no…

Canonical Link
Link Manager

Most don’t even bother.

Automatic Smart Linking
Site Wide Link Policy
SEO Score Manager

SEO score? What’s that?

SEOPressor Role Settings
XML Sitemap Generator
Homepage SEO
Google Knowledge Graph

Don’t even think about it…

Local SEO

Sure, premium version!

SEO Health Monitor
Multi-Site License

How about topping up first?

Unlimited Domains

You are joking, right?

Unlimited Analysis
Priority Support Lifetime

*Message deleted*

Free Lifetime Update Full Features

Goodluck with that.

Installation Support

$9 / Month

There you have it. Now you have access to the SEO tool that will take your website well into the future. You can’t go wrong with a plugin that is evolving before the search engines. So what are you waiting for SeoPressor has all the resources you will ever need to achieve front page rankings within the search engines. $9 a month is a steal!!

Do you have any questions or thoughts about SeoPressor? Put them in the comments area below and I will be happy to get back to you with an answer.

Do you want to learn more about SEO and how it can help your website? I have written an article covering this topic as well you can give it a quick read here.

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  1. I’m going to bookmark this. You get a ton of stuff with SEOPressor. I think I would like the Link Manager feature the most though. Fixing link issues or tracking links can be a pain for a lot of webmasters, so that’s a good feature. 

    SEOPressor seems like a good fit for people who run their own SEO/Social Media Marketing agencies, too!

    1. Nate, 

      you are correct, you do get a lot of great stuff with SeoPressor and the link tracking feature can and will prevent a lot of headaches. 

      It is a great WordPress plugin to keep track of the inner workings of your website and to make little work of what could be hours of trying to figure out what is wrong on your site.

      Thanks for sharing your thought today,


  2. Thanks for this review. I had never heard of this product. I didn’t know that actually having too many of keywords on your page could actually have the reverse effect. I mean I heard something like that but I didn’t know it was official. My current plug-in all in one SEO doesn’t seem to do that. I don’t understand Why you would want to use option for with controlling the Crawlers but I bet they explain about that in the product. 

    $9 a month does not seem like too much money. I thought they were comparison chart was very funny and it’s kind of true because all in one SEO definitely just keep saying to sign up for their premium support Message board. Right now I am just building my website but once it gets going if I have the extra money I will try this out. So I bookmarked it for myself.

    1. Hey, Charles, 

      thanks for the comment. One of the key components to SeoPressor is to monitor the usage of your keyword throughout your article as explained in the review above it can have a negative outcome to focus too much on your keyword. 

      Best practices, use your keyword in the title of the post and once within the first paragraph and write for your readers giving helpful well thought out content and you will achieve the results you want.

  3. Hi Thomas, Whew! What a lot of information you have gathered and put into a way we can understand. It is a lot to take in so I have bookmarked this review to revisit it during the day.

    I was amazed at the cost being so low for all that help with SEO. and the management of one’s site.

    It is definitely worth looking at.Thank you. 

    1. Hi, Jill,

      You are very welcome and I want to thank you for taking the time to read this review on SeoPressor today and leaving your comment.

      I am happy you have found it informative and bookmarked it for future reference.

      If you have any questions down the road please let me know if I can assist you in any way.


  4. Wow, seopressor looks like a very good platform for me. With the number of tools you have mentioned available on the platform, this plug in is really cheap for what it’s worth. I’m glad I came through your post. I’m going to bookmark and share this post because it has a ton of value.  Thanks alot and best regards.

    1. Hi, Henderson,

      Thanks for bookmarking this post for future reference and sharing with people you know, it is greatly appreciated.

      SeoPressor does have a lot of great tools and features for the low monthly cost of $9 you can’t beat it. From the research, I did it is the cheapest WordPress SEO Plugin I could find. 

  5. Hello Thomas, what a beautiful information filled review you have written up here and you have put it in a precise and concise manner that would make it much more easier to be understood. Though it is exhausting and massive to take in but surely I will have a reread and as such I have bookmarked it. The cost of this seopressor is what amazes me the most and it is surely worth getting.


  6. Hello Thomas, Thank you for your informative post about SEO plugin. I have a website and recently I thought that what is the beneficial SEO plugin instead of All in One. I have never heard it but took a note. There is so much detailed information in your post so I would like to check them in detail. Everybody knows the importance of SEO that’s why we need the tools as SEOPressor. I feel lucky to come across your review.

    Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you, Gokhan,

      SEO is one of the things a website really need to function properly to be read by search engines. I am happy you like this review and found useful information.

      I wish you the best of luck with your website,


  7. Hello, 

    Thank’s for sharing this platform and giving a review on it. I never hear about SEO Pressor but looks like a great platform to use. It has many tools, keyword resources, and pillars. And only $ 9 a month! It seems like a good deal. I’m using All-in-one SEO, but it is time to move on and start using a more advanced version. Thank you for sharing a great platform again.

    1. Hi, 

      SEOPressor has a lot of the best features for helping keep your SEO in perfect working order on your website and for the search engines to read the data and index your pages much more efficiently. 

      Happy to know you will give it a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed, 

      Have a great day and best wishes for your success.


  8. This is very (very) useful information that will help so many on business with their marketing and searches. I am bookmarking this site.

    1. Hi, Dorcia,

      Thank you, for bookmarking the site. It is one of many posts I will be doing. I research many aspects and tools for assisting in building and maintaining an efficient website business. I encourage you to come back often to read new materials as I will be adding new information every week.

      My intent is to be a helpful resource for those in search of answers pertaining to online business, online jobs, and reviews such as this one to find and share the best tools to help run efficiently online.

      Once again thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave your remarks.


  9. Sounds like a good plugin. I like the thought of having all these functions available in one app. I already have a few of these items listed that I use running my website. Canva is great for creating eye-catching imagery. Google Analytics is a MUST HAVE! Lastpass is an awesome password database that allows you to only have to memorize 1 password and you can then set very secure passwords across all your other websites. That’s great when there are so many skilld hackers out there.

    If you can get all these programs for just 9$ per month it is pretty unbelievable, especially Adobe Illustrator. That is expensive on its own. Is there any upsells?

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