What Exactly Is an SSL Secure Certificate and how it helps your website

What Exactly Is an SSL Secure Certificate

What Exactly Is an SSL Secure CertificateSSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” it is technology developed for the purpose of creating a secure data transfers for making purchases online, you will find it on all the reputable shopping websites and any e-commerce site that takes payment for services. It is virtually impossible to hack and this is a big deal for visitors to know that their information won’t be stolen. It’s a good indicator that a website is secure by the HTTPS:/ with a green lock before the domain name as shown above in the web address bar for this website this show that there is a 256 bit connection, So be assured when you see the green lock and HTTPS: you are on a safe website.

Here is a quick Wikipedia Reference to SSL

Not only is having SSL on your site reassuring for your visitors but the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. have been taking notice to website owners providing a secure site for their visitors this can also help your website in the search rankings as well. The search engines have been focusing on making the web a safer place and rewarding those who take initiative to help out with site security giving them better positions in search.

Secure Socket Layer SSL can cost in some cases over a $100 for service and activation per year and may have special server requirement that could end up costing more to make your website compatible.

Do I Really Need SSL On My Website

To give you an honest answer No you do not need it. But I would like to share my own personal experience if you have an extra minute. When I had first gotten started online I had built my first website and it was doing great I was getting tons of traffic and subscribers, life was good. One day I had gone to log into my site to add a new post and there was a security error, I wasn’t able to log into my site I had tried to visit my site by typing the domain into the search bar, Nothing. I did know what to do. I had tried countless times thinking I had just made mistake typing it into the search but still nothing. I was getting nervous all my work is gone, I contacted Godaddy where I had the website set up and told them what had happened and they said they will look into it. To make an agonizing story short They told me because I hadn’t had the right security in place to my site it had fallen into the hands of a hacker and there was nothing they could do for me. OUCH!!

So I now do not take any chances, imagine the time and effort put into a website to get visitors, rankings, information researched all the hours that had been put into it about six months of work and it was gone just like that. So to answer the question do you need SSL on your website, honestly your site will do fine without it but from my own experience I would hate to see anyone go through the troubles I did back when I started out. The biggest advantage for me is knowing that hacker will see that nice Green Lock and HTTPS: in my domain and know this site is secure and they will move on.

Are you planning on creating an e-commerce site where you will be taking payments from customers? It is a definite must to have Secure Socket Layer of security, remember either way you have it the search engine reward you for that, they will favor you over the unsecured websites.

Everyone had the opportunity to add SSL to their website, do you think they would just for peace of mind, knowing it is safe? I think they would sleep better knowing they wouldn’t be hacked as I was. Maybe you have had a similar experience and you are looking for answer and solutions so it will not happen again. I am hoping for your sake you are just now learning about SSL to avoid any future calamities.

Is There A Way To Avoid High SSL Cost

As the Internet evolves it is good to try to keep up with or ahead of the evolution. With this being said I wanted to share with you a Domain Hosting Platform called SiteRubix it is the only one of it’s kind that offers everything to maintain a secure website. See below.siterubix is the leading technology in website building platforms

As you can see above you get more than your average security with SiteRubix. The SiteRubix Family of web hosting tools is always evolving and improving as the web changes they keep up to provide the best service and website hosting experience. At SiteRubix their philosophy is everyone deserves to have a safe and secure website hosting experience. I couldn’t agree with them more, that is why I have been hosting my websites with them since 2011. I now have no issues with site security and I do not have to worry about being hacked any longer.

Every year they update and revise the system to keep it up to speed. I can only say if all the hosting companies shared their philosophy the web would be the safest place on earth.

Did I mention SSL is a free feature along with all the stuff shown above? What does this mean? This means every domain you purchase using SiteRubix Hosting you only have to pay the $13 – $15 domain fee and all the maintenance and security features are included with Premium hosting. In the screenshot below you will see a glimpse of this website that is hosted using the SiteRubix Premium Hosting it shows you up to date information regarding your website health.

You can see it will show site health and areas of your website that need attention, take a look at the Red indicator letting me know my Site Health needs work, that tells me I need to work on it more frequently as I have been slacking a little. See the SitePlus+ 2/2 to the bottom right corner that is the SSL and the green checkmark indicates it is actively working to protect my site. There is so much more offered with SiteRubix I will go into a little more detail.

What More Could Be Offered You Ask

The Offerings are Unbelievable when you signup for Premium membership to SiteRubix website builder you begin saving. I will explain the saving that can be had with all the perks for starters – you have the option of a 100% free membership (note free membership does not include SSL) with 20 – 30 lessons and video training – build two websites – get a couple of email account for your websites – Keyword research tool – communicate with premium members for assistance and never have to pay a dime. I am not sure about your intentions, you may want to build a hobby site to share personal events with friends and family or you are like most you will want to create an extra flow of income.

Is there this much offered for free elsewhere, come to think of it I don’t think you could find the amount of free information and training for free anywhere else. From my experience to get the options found with SiteRubix for domain purchasing, website builder, free email accounts, data storage, site health monitoring, and SSL certificate not to mention free training you will easily pay over $90 to $150 a month for everything. I use to have my sites hosted with Godaddy and I would pay $149 a year just for the SSL and Hosting, I chose to have email it was $10 per email per website and I had four sites hosted with them so I was paying 4x$149 + $40 per month x12 I was paying $1076 every year for my hosting, SSL Certificate and email for 4 websites. That is outrageous, right?

Well, lessons learned. I now do all my hosting, free SSL, emails and so much more for less than $400 a year as a premium member of WA and SiteRubix over $600 saved a year with more opportunity, support, training, within the webs #1 online business community.

2017 is going to be a stellar year within the online business website world, starting with the SSL certificates being free to add to your website for the best in internet security. I want to take a moment to touch base on something. The SiteRubix Platform is part of a much larger growing industry, it is above and beyond all other platforms of it’s kind. You see it is part of an online business training community that has the future of online business “websites” at the forefront. I have been involved with this astounding community since 2011 and it truly is incredible, I won’t waste much more time talking about it here but if you are interested in reading more about I have written about it by clicking here. It is the most innovative online business community in the world, all the business training in one location. Learn everything from website design to affiliate marketing and so much more.

SSL Conclusion And Final Results

A few things to keep in mind is that it is not necessary to install SSL on your website unless you are planning on collecting information from your visitors or plan to collect money for selling of products or information. Although if you work on your website in a public space like Starbucks, coffee shops or other public wifi connections it is good to have SSL installed to prevent bad people from stealing your private passwords or credit card info. Having SSL with 256-bit encryption will prevent anyone from ever seeing your password and it stops them from ever hijacking your website.

Also, remember that if you are sharing search result with a competing website if you have SSL and they do not you will be chosen for the better ranking position by Google and other search engines for being a safer choice of information.

I hope you found some of the answers you are looking for regarding SSL “Security Socket Layer”.

I am doing my research every day with the one goal of helping people to find the best solutions and answers to problems or questions pertaining to building a successful website business.

Do you have any further questions or issue you need assistance with leaving them in the area provided below I will be happy to help.


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